A 21 piece furniture set by @wyattssims & @ratboysims.
Hello all! Myself and Ratboysims are proud to present you this miniature furniture collection we’ve titled ‘A Study in Wood’. With 21 new pieces in the collection, your sims can bring out that wood-themed charm to their office/living room/bedroom/etc!
The set includes:
  • 1 Computer Desk
  • 1 Desk Chair
  • 3 Lights
  • 4 Wall Decorations
  • 7 Deco Objects
  • 2 End/Accent Tables (Stools)
  • 1 Bookcase (Slotted)
All of the items pictured above are items from the pack, excluding the walls and floors.
The download is split into two formats, All-In-One and Pick-n-Choose for those who only want select items. 

A STUDY IN WOOD A STUDY IN WOOD Reviewed by WyattsSims on July 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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